Our Activities:

To promote objectives and activities of United Nations, develop awareness about the aims and ideals of the world body and to stimulate a sense of peoples’ participation in its programs, activities and achievements.

To work for international peace and understanding by involving the leadership of the community such as Members of Parliament, Members of Legislative Assembly Members of Diplomatic Corps, lawyers, Doctors, Engineers, Trade Unions, Students and youth.

To inculcate awareness among the students and youth, communities about the role and work of United Nations and its Specialised Agencies in achieving Millennium Development Goals, Eradication of Poverty, Importance of Rule of Law, Human Rights, Education, Economic uplift, Social changes, Fight against Diseases, Promotion of Agriculture, Sharing of Technology and Science among nations on this planet etc.

To observe important U.N. Days such as World Food Day, Human Rights Day, International Literacy Day, World Health Day, International Women's Day and UN Day etc.

To organize Debates, Seminars, Symposiums, and Workshops on UN related topics,

To felicitate and accord receptions to visiting United Nations dignitaries/ officials,

To involve youth from Schools, Colleges in environment related activities,

To keep close liaison/contacts with various Agencies of United Nations and to participate in their developmental programmes especially with UNIC, UNDP, UNFPA, UNEP, UNICEF, UNTCAD, UNODC and UNESCO etc.,

To promote research information and education about the goals of the charter of the United Nations and the work of the United Nations System,

To cooperate with other organizations whose objective includes the support of the United Nation and its development.

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