World Health Day 2014

This year the Maharashtra United Nations Association observed the World Health Day 2014 in association with Saifee Hospital, Indian Federation of United Nations Association and United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) for India and Bhutan on Moday the 7th April at 5:30 pm. The theme for this year was Vector Borne Disease : “Small Bite, Big Threat”.
The Chief Guest on the occasion was Mr. Sitaram Kunte, I.A.S., Municipal Commissioner of Greater Mumbai, Guest of Honour H.E. Mr. Mansour Saud Alolaimi, Consul General for the state of Kuwait in Mumbai. The guest speakers were, Dr. Arun Bamne, Executive Health Officer, M.C.G.M., Dr. Hakimuddin Paradwalla, Hon. Physician, Saifee Hospital, Dr. Mahesh Abhyankar, Medical Officer, IPCA Laboratories, and Dr. (Mrs.) Mangala Gomare, EPID Cell, M.C.G.B.
The program was started by Mr. Ashraf Ahmed Shaikh, Hon. Secretary of MUNA as compere, point by point, most efficiently and with pleasing style.
The event was attended by the members of the diplomatic and consular corps, doctors from the American Consulate, Trustees and Staff of the Saifee Hospital, various dignitaries and the elite of Mumbai, IPCA the sponsors and supporters for the programme, members from the print and electronic media, students, MUNA members and MUNA – Youth.
Prior to the arrival of the Chief Guest, arrangements were made for the film especially made for the occasion by the M.C.G.B. on Vector Borne Diseases in the Slums, in high rise apartments and in the redevelopment areas of the urban metropolis of Mumbai. This film depicted prophylactic measures on prevention of breeding sites by mosquitoes by fogging, using mineral oil over stagnant waters, keeping all drains clean and dry, special precaution to keep the storage drums at home cleaned and dry at least one day in a week, special check on the plastic plates under the air conditioner and the potted plants. A health exhibition on the theme with posters and pamphlets were also arranged at the venue. There were also other UN promotional materials on display and distribution sent especially from the UNIC (Delhi and Bhutan).
On the arrival of the Chief Guest and the Guest of Honour for the day, our distinguished chairperson, Mrs. Mohini Mathur, Secretary General Mr. A. A. Syed along with Dr. Govind Chainani Governing Council Member MUNA, escorted them to the dias. Also present on the dias were Mr. Abuzar Zakir, Trustee Saifee Hospital and Dr. Vernon P. deSa, Medical Director, Saifee Hospital.
Mr. Ashraf Ahmed Shaikh, Hon. Secretary of MUNA, presented MUNA’s certificate of Appreciation to Dr. Vernon P Desa, Medical Director Saifee Hospital.
Mr. A. A. Syed, Secretary General MUNA, spoke on the activities of MUNA by creating awareness of various UN designated days besides Model UN forums and debates in schools and colleges. Mr. A. A. Syed also drew the kind attention of Mr. Sitaram Kunte, I.A.S., Municipal Commissioner of Greater Mumbai, for the cleanliness of Mumbai City.
Dr. Govind Chainani, introduced the theme, which has put our health at risk, at home and when we travel. He enumerated various personalities like Alexander the Great, Muhammed Bin Tughlak, Amrish Puri and Yash Chopra who succumbed to these illnesses. The Mumbai Dabbawalla Association had also contributed to the spread of the theme through inserts in the tiffin boxes which they had transported today.
The message from the Director of WHO, was read by Mr. Ashdin Kapadia, Governing Council Member, MUNA. The recording of the message by Mrs. Kiran Mehra Kerpelman, Director UNIC (India and Bhutan) was also played and the audience applauded when she appreciated the services of MUNA in contributing to the ideals of the UN.
Mr. Ashraf Ahmed Shaikh, read the introduction and the curriculum vitae of the Chief Guest, the Guest of Honour and eminent speakers of the day.
The Chief Guest delivered his keynote address. He stressed that the public and Municipal authorities have to work in tandem to solve this problem of vector borne diseases by citing examples from the city. He said that the incidence of malaria has reduced from 76000 in 2010 to 10000 in 2013.
H.E. Mr. Mansour Saad Alolaimi, consul general of the state of Kuwait in Mumbai, spoke on the combined efforts of the medical community to tackle this problem. He also appreciated MUNA Services and Saifee Hospital’s support for organizing the World Health Day 2014.
Dr Arun Bamne then spoke on the action of the municipal authorities against mosquitoes in the present and in the future against malaria and dengue.
Dr. Hakimuddin Pardawalla spoke on the pitfalls in the clinical diagnosis of these vector borne diseases and the extreme importance of seeking medical help urgently because it maybe fatal sometimes.
Dr. (Mrs.) Mangala Gomare spoke on the epidemiology of these diseases and the surveillance and the containment measures for the Malaria Control Programme in the City of Mumbai.
Dr. Mahesh Abhyankar, spoke on the management of Malaria (Plasmodium Vivax and Plasmodium Falciparum) and Dengue fever and Dengue Haemorrhagic shock syndrome. He emphasized the dosage and completion of the course with prophylactic treatment in case of Plasmodium Vivax so as to prevent recurrence and relapses and drug resistance in case of Malaria.
The theme of the day was endorsed by the speakers and guests by their remarks on the banner for the occasion.
This was followed by a short film from the M.C.G.B. showing preventive measures on malaria and dengue, definitely a simple, take home lesson for all.
There were 5 Staff members from the Saifee Hospital who were felicitated by giving certificates of MUNA for appreciation of their services, jointly by Dr. Vernon P. Desa and by Mr. A. A. Syed. They began with Mr. Nitin Devde, Mrs. Leela Solanki, Ms. Jessy Joseph, Mrs. Jui Khanvilkar, Mr. Sadashiv Gaonkar who were best performers in their respective departments.
The visitors book was taken around by Mr. Malhar Chaudhari, Secretary Gen., MUNYA, to be signed by the chief guest, guest of honour and guest speakers.
Finally, the vote of thanks was given by Mr. Malhar Chaudhari thanking the guests, members of the diplomatic corps, the administration and staff of Saifee Hospital, Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, UNIC for sending UN Promotion Material, MUNA and MUNA Youth members, the sponsors, media and audience who all contributed to the success of this programme.
This was followed photographs and High Tea.