Maharashtra United Nations Youth Association (MUNYA) Under the guidance of Maharashtra United Nations Association (MUNA) in association with Rotract Club of Mumbai Shivaji Park (RC-MSP) organized the Model United Nations Assembly, an ardent event at Amulakh Amichand Bhimji Vividhlakshi Vidyalaya, at Matunga Mumbai from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm on Sunday 26th August 2012. The resolution being debated at the Model UN Assembly was “Ending NATO Interference in Syrian Conflict”.

The programme commenced with the inaugural and welcome note by Mr. Pankaj Bajpai, the President of Rotract Club, Mumbai Shivaji Park, followed by messages of the members of Rotary Club Mumbai Shivaji Park and Maharashtra United Nations Association, Mr. A. A. Syed (Secretary General MUNA),Ms Mohini Mathur (Executive Chairperson MUNA) and Mr. Ashraf Ahmed Shaikh (Hon. Secretary MUNA, President Maharashtra United Nations Youth Association MUNYA and Member of Executive Committee, Indian Federation of United Nations Association).

Mr. A. A. Syed read out the Aims and Objectives of Maharashtra United Nations Association with a special emphasis on its numerous activities planned round the year to promote the aims and ideals of the United Nations. He further added that activities for youth are one of out top priorities in MUNA and explained the audience various initiatives taken by the Youth wing of MUNA.

Ms Mohini Mathur expressed her views about the role of youth in today’s modern society. She also elaborated on the special qualities possessed by the youth, which makes them an “ideal force for change”. Ms. Mathur encouraged youth by saying “you are the future”. She further said that “ time has come when youth should be given the chance and platform to raise their concerns and the activities like this would definitely bring a positive social change and will bring the innovative, enthusiastic and positive approach in life for the young generations who will be the future agents of peace and harmony.” He further emphasised the concern of UN SECRETARY-GENERAL, IN his MESSAGE FOR INTERNATIONAL YOUTH DAY, where he WARNS AGAINST CREATING “LOST GENERATION OF SQUANDERED TALENT AND DREAMS”.

Mr. Ashraf Ahmed Shaikh spoke about the role of UN and its programmes in giving the youth a platform to become effective leaders of tomorrow. He spoke about the importance of International Youth Day which falls on 12 August. Mr. Ashraf Ahmed Shaikh also  appreciated the partnership of MUNA with Rotary Club in Mumbai for organising Model United Nations . He also highlighted the importance of Youth in the present context by reading the excerpts from message of UN Secretary General H.E.Mr. Ban Ki – Moon, “Working with and for young people is one of my top priorities.  Youth are a transformative force; they are creative, resourceful and enthusiastic agents of change, be it in public squares or cyberspace.  From their pivotal role in efforts to achieve freedom, democracy and equality, to their global mobilization in support of the Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, youth have energetically demonstrated yet again their capacity and desire to turn the tide of history and tackle global challenges.

Young men and women are not passive beneficiaries, but equal and effective partners.  Their aspirations extend far beyond jobs; youth also want a seat at the table — a real voice in shaping the policies that shape their lives.  We need to listen to and engage with young people.  We need to establish more and stronger mechanisms for youth participation.  The time has come to integrate youth voices more meaningfully into decision-making processes at all levels.”

The Special Guest of Honour DIG Donny Michael from Indian Coast Guard (ICGS) spoke about his experience as a member of the Indian delegation to IMO (International Maritime Organization). He also motivated the participants to learn and enjoy from the experience at the Model UN Assembly and further take part in many more similar activities.

The members of the Rotary Club on dais Rtn. Pankaj Phatarphod (Director, Rotary – International), Rtn. Satish Hattiangadi (President, Rotary Club of Mumbai Shivaji Park),Rtn. Sanjay Shah (Assistant District Governor of District 3140) and Rtn. Dinesh Shah (Member of Rotary Club) spoke about the role of Model United Nations Assembly in developing proficient diplomats for our country and the role of Rotary in giving the youth such regular platforms to transform themselves intopillars of a sustainable future.

The Model United Nations Session was chaired by Rtn. PankajPhatarphod with Ms PoojaVohra (Immediate Past President of RC-MSP) as the Secretary General. The 1st part of the session saw the young diplomats delivering their foreign policy statements. It was a truly exhilarating experience to see the participants dressed in the traditional attire of the country they were representing. Also the use of phrases from their country’s local dialect added a special touch to the event.

The post break session saw a very heated discussion on the amendments to the resolution presented by the delegates during the lunch break. Towards the end of deliberations, it was a general observation that the non-NATO members were advocating that, the stabilisation of the conflict situation in Syria, would be possible only when the citizens of Syria come up with a solution themselves, while the NATO members tried their best convincing the Assembly that the World cannot wait for natural solution whilst the bloodshed in Syria continued.

The session saw about 100 participants from various schools across Mumbai, with the total count of all the people who attended and organized the Assembly being at around 200.

The session concluded with the prize distribution ceremony preceded by informative and motivational remarks by the judges and the principal of the host school Ms Neena Kalra.
The judges for the session were Adv. Vinay Rathi (Executive Committee Member MUNA) and Mr. Malhar Chaudhari (Secretary General MUNYA).
The session formally ended by a vote of thanks proposed by Mr. Sunny Gopani (Project Chair for the Model UN Assembly).