MUNA collaborated with St. Xavier’s College and organized a debate on The Former Colonial Nations’ Immigration Policies

MUNA collaborated with St. Xavier’s College and organized a debate on The Former Colonial Nations’ Immigration Policies on 4th February, 2019 at the St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. Dr. Ashma Aggarwal, Convener, Extra Co-Curriculum along with Mr. Ritabrata Mitra, Sub-Head, Debating Committee coordinated the arrangements at the College.

The two members of the governing council, MUNA, Ms. Megha Patil and Dr. Hafiza Golandaz served as the Judges. Mr. Sanjiv Saraff, Sr. Vice President, ICICI Securities Ltd performed the duties of the Moderator.

The Indian Debating Format of three round was adopted with two teams of Proposition and Opposition having 3(three) students each. Mr. Rufus Massey, Mr. Atul George and Ritwik Chhibber participated in favour; and Ms. Simran Nahata Mr. Vansh Gupta and Ms. Surabhi Chavan in against of the Motion.

Dr. Ashma Aggarwal welcomed the Chief Guest Dr. Annapurna S, Vice Principal St. Xavier’s College, Mr. A.A.Syed, Secretary-General, MUNA and other MUNA members, guests, and the students.

Dr. Annapurna S, in her address while emphasizing the need for the youth to be conversant with the current socio-economic political scenario, she encouraged both the teams and wished them success.

Mr. A.A. Syed, Secretary General gave the introduction of MUNA, and traced its progress since its inception in 1965. He also stated about MUNA’s association with the international network, agencies, and the Indian Federation of the United Nations Association (IFUNA). Mr. Syed stressed on the Youth Empowerment activities undertaken by MUNA and its Youth Forum.

Each member of both the teams spoke in favour of or against the motion.

The Debate Judges, the Moderator the members of the House too asked a few questions to both the teams.

Ms. Simran Nahata was unanimously declared the Best Debater for her confidence and forceful arguments.

After deliberation, the House passed the following Motion: Former colonizers should adopt generous immigration policies towards the citizens of the countries they once colonized.

Mr. A. A. Syed, Secretary General, MUNA read out the following Resolution and the House passed it unanimously: Meaningful immigration reform is an essential part of the larger structural change needed to create an economy that respects and protects working people, and favors democracy. Considering the colonized nations’ contribution in the development and prosperity of the former colonizer nations; colonizer nations need to introduce merit based liberal policies for the citizens of their former colonies.

The participants were awarded the Certificates and as an incentive for the Debate attendees, instead of 1 point, the college granted them 5 points.

Dr. Govind Chainani, while proposing the Vote of Thanks presented a copy of the Autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi to Mr. Sanjiv Saraff, Dr. Ashma Aggarwal and Mr. Ritabrata Mitra.